What is your Live Arrival Guarantee?

Every shipment we send comes with our 100% Live Arrival Guarantee, free of any extra charge. This means that if your order arrives with any issues that are out of your control, we will replace the order at no charge whatsoever, or offer store credit in the amount of the loss. We do not normally offer refunds, but do offer them in special circumstances or if it does not appear that we can send more animals to you without significant risk to their lives. Our Live Arrival Guarantee is designed so that any shipping issue outside of your responsibility will be covered by us, free of additional product or shipping charges.

There are three conditions to our Live Arrival Guarantee.

1. The shipment must be received on the first delivery attempt, or be picked up the day of the first delivery attempt. If you miss the delivery and the package is delayed a day or more because of it, we cannot accept responsibility for any losses. It is your responsibility to check the tracking number for delivery, even if the carries does not leave a “pink slip” notifying you they tried to deliver the package. We recommend having your mail held on the day of delivery once you see the tracking information update.

2. The shipment must be sent to the correct delivery address, and not forwarded to another address unless still delivered the same day. Forwarding of packages results in an extra day or more in transit. NOTE: If the carrier forwards your shipment in error, we do cover that type of mistake. However, if we call your local carrier and there is a mail forward on file, our Live Arrival Guarantee is void.

3. In the event of a DOA plant or animal, we REQUIRE a clear digital picture of the plant or animal in question before replacement/store credit/refund is issued. This picture can be sent to us by replying to the tracking email you received, or by sending it as an attachment in a new email.

When do you update inventory with new stock?

We are constantly adding new stock to our inventory, so every day something new may be available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

When out of stock items are back in stock, Can I have the sale price?

Our prices change regularly based on availability and we cannot guarantee that the price will be the same when it is back in stock. Sizes change and prices may be lower or higher. We do not offer rain checks. Prices remain the price paid at the time of purchase.

Do you offer Wholesale Accounts?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer Wholesale Accounts. However, our prices are very reasonable and competitive, so we do have many pet stores and maintenance companies order from us