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Professional Fish Keepers is a small business located in Coral Springs Florida. We sell livestock, dry goods, and aquarium set ups all to supply your tank and fuel your hobby by creating a beautiful ecosystem right in your home!



Receiving shipments coming from all over the world, we have what you desire to create your dream aquarium. We have a vast selection of reef safe and non reef safe fish, fascinating invertebrates, and astonishing exotic corals that are kept in our store. 




Our freshwater wholesalers supply PFK with a great variety of freshwater fish and plants to help establish your freshwater aquarium. We sell community tank fish, more aggressive species like cichlids, betta fish, and even invertebrates like shrimp and Crayfish.


Aquarium Services 


We also provide aquarium services that include aquarium moving, cleaning, and water testing. Aquarium service is available upon appointment only. For further information please call our Aquarium Service phone number at 954-600-4650. 

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